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Amplify Yourself.

If you have a music project that you want to get off of the ground, we have the equipment and experience to make that happen. Quadratic Sound offers a full range of services from mixing and mastering, to album art, photography and videography. Everything you need to amplify your vision.

Amplify Your Sound

Our highly trained team of recording engineers will help you bring out the best in your sound. As experienced technicians and producers, we provide the skill and knowledge to take your musical expression to the next level.

This package includes one full day in the studio with an recording engineer, and a full day of post-production. This is usually sufficient for recording a single multi-tracked song, or 2-4 songs off-the-floor.

Audio Package: $550

Amplify Your Vision

Let us make you look good! This package provides you with a professional Photo and Video shoot to accompany your musical project. Work together with our team to make your visual concept a reality.

This package includes one full day of production with a camera operator, and a full day of post-production. Production day can be at the studio or some other location of your choosing. Travel time should be factored in for production day.

Visual Package: $650

Amplify Yourself

Record your song, have it mixed & mastered, get professional photography, AND a music video all in one place and for one low price.

This package includes one full day in the studio with an audio engineer and camera operator, and 2 days of post-production. This is best suited for recording a single track and filming a simple music video to go along with it.

Full Package: $1000


Here are some of the projects we've worked on

Adrian Chalifour


Neck of the Woods


Electric Sex Panther






Garden City Disco


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